Together we are strong! To effectively serve a complex market, you need partners that you can rely on!

The Market

Worldwide paper production is about 400 million tonnes per year, 45% of which are already produced in Asia. This will continue to grow in the future!

According to economic forecasts, economic performance and prosperity in countries such as Indonesia, China and India will rise. Due to the high population numbers of these Asian markets, there will also be a huge demand for paper products such as printing, tissue paper and packaging materials.

In order to meet this growing demand, new plants have to be built, while existing production facilities must be modernized or optimized.
Paper mills have a great demand for technical goods, such as machinery, measurement instruments and raw materials.

Sales outsourcing – enter new markets

The world is our office – We offer global marketing and sales services for
the international paper industry!

The outsourcing of sales services offers a cost-effective and highly efficient way of entering sales in new markets. As a trading agency with a global dealer network, SKB-Tech Trade works on a commission basis and thus performance-oriented. In accordance with the trade code of the Austrian Economic Chambers, we contribute to a long-term and profitable business abroad.

Services of SKB-Tech Trade

  • Active representation of manufacturers of technical products
  • Intercultural management and interface function between users and manufacturers
  • Business development in the agreed market area

SKB-Tech Trade is your reliable partner, even in difficult markets!

We are currently looking for partners in the following areas:

  • Raw materials for pulp and paper production
    • Waste paper
    • Pulp
    • Process chemicals
  • Machines
    • Used machinery
    • Special machine construction pulp & paper
    • Environmental technology
  • Technical equipment
    • Measurement devices and test instruments
    • Consumables for paper factories
  • Service partners in the field of pulp and paper
    • Technical advice
    • Laboratory services
    • Assembly services